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folder icon 17 Religious Liberty Day
Find resources here to help you plan a religious liberty day in your church. We have bulletin inserts, sample bulletins, Sunday School lessons, and study guides geared to educate your congregation about religious liberty.
folder icon 11 Religious Liberty Council
These documents contain the bylaws and constitution of the Religious Liberty Council of the Baptist Joint Committee.
folder icon 7 RLC Luncheon Presentations
Read some of the addresses delivered at past Religous Liberty Council luncheons.
folder icon 14 Baptists and Religious Liberty
Learn more about the historical and current contributions of Baptists to religious liberty.
folder icon 6 Church-State Separation
Learn about the Biblical basis for church-state separation and read some popular resources on the topic from the Baptist Joint Committee.
folder icon 1 Baptist Joint Committee
See a list of our supporting bodies.
folder icon 3 Political Discourse
Download the BJC's issue guide, our 10 Commandments for a proper relationship between religion and politics, and guidelines for lobbying your member of Congress.
folder icon 5 Public Schools
This section has resources for parents and teachers who have questions about religious liberty in public schools. You can also find an issue guide showing religious communities how they can work with public schools without violating the First Amendment.
folder icon 6 Government Funding
Resources with guidance on how religious social service providers should work with the government.
folder icon 2 Church Electioneering
Examines what churches can and cannot do during political campaigns if they want to retain their tax-exempt status.
folder icon 1 Free Exercise
Learn more about the importance - and limits - of religious accomodation.
folder icon 17 BJC Sermons
Acollection of sermons given by staff, supporters, and friends of the Baptist Joint Committee on a variety of occasions.
folder icon 93 BJC Newsletter Archive
See copies of Report from the Capital dating back to January 2005.
folder icon 36 BJC Publications
A collection of BJC handouts, guidebooks, toolkits, and briefs.
New Hampshire Supreme Court Debates Aid to Religious Schools Program
The New Hampshire Supreme Court last week heard oral arguments in a challenge to the state's tuition tax credit program. Businesses in the state are receiving tax credits for paying private school tuition through a scholarship incentive program. Because many of those funds are going to ...
New Police Commissioner Abandons NYPD Muslim Surveillance Program
A new police commissioner in New York has brought new policies. William Bratton put an end to the Demographics Unit, an undercover surveillance operation controversial for targeting Muslim communities, including maintaining files on individual houses of worship. (The BJC and others last yea...