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Young Plaintiff in Successful Church-State Lawsuit Faces Continued Bullying, Threats E-mail
Written by Don Byrd   
Thursday, 18 April 2013

When government officials violate the Establishment Clause and improperly promote religion in their official capacity, some courageous citizen willing to file a lawsuit is usually required to hold the officials accountable. The drama we usually care most about after that are the legal battles that play out in the courtroom or in settlement negotiations. But for the plaintiff, the drama they face is often personal, and may not stop when the lawsuit is resolved.

Such is the case, sadly, for 14-year-old Jordan Anderson, who faces regular persecution by his peers and sometimes his teachers for standing up against coercive school activities and other improper religious indoctrination. He won his lawsuit against South Carolina's Chesterfield County schools, leading to much-needed changes of policy there. But his own trial continues.

South Carolina's Florence Morning News has Jordan's story.

[O]ver the past two years he’s endured endless bullying, name-calling and threats — even death threats — in the halls of Chesterfield County’s New Heights Middle School.

“I had tons of bullying, just awful stuff I don’t even want to repeat,” Jordan said. “When some people make those death threats, they almost make you think they’ll really kill you.”

Luckily, he has a great attitude about his experience and predicament. His actions will benefit school children in that county for years to come. Read the whole thing.

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