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2010 Shurden Lectures by Martin Marty E-mail

Martin E. Marty, a prominent interpreter of religion and culture, drew on historical episodes and figures such as Montesquieu, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison to clarify aspects of religious liberty and church-state separation for audiences at Samford University April 27-28.

His presentations were part of the annual Walter B. and Kay W. Shurden Lectures on Religious Liberty and Separation of Church and State, a series sponsored by the Washington, D.C.-based Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty and hosted by Samford.

Marty’s first lecture took a cue from French political thinker Montesquieu “On Not Privileging the Privileging of Religion.” In the second lecture, Marty spoke “On The Difference Indifference Can Make,” using Benjamin Franklin’s thoughts on the voluntary contributions that gave rise to religion in our country. The final lecture used James Madison’s words on tracing a “line of separation between the rights of religion and the Civil authority,” to comment “On Tracing Lines, not Building Walls.”

Lecture One

Lecture Two

Lecture Three