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Friday Morning Links: Bible Class in OK, Discrimination in OH and More E-mail
Written by Don Byrd   
Friday, 05 March 2010

In a quick about-face, the head of the Dallas Housing Authority has now agreed that worship services for senior citizens may take place in public housing apartment buildings. Earlier, DHA President MaryAnn Russ had claimed otherwise, citing the separation of church and state.

The Oklahoma Senate yesterday passed a bill authorizing an elective class on the Bible in public high schools. Courses would be required to remain neutral on religious matters, but would use the controversial National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. The measure now goes to the State House.

Recently-fired employees of the Ohio Workers Compensation Council allege widespread religious discrimination and coercion at the state office.

The Texas Freedom Network Insider blog analyzes election results for the Texas Board of Education. Incumbent and former chairman Don McLeroy - a leader in the effort to add religious perspectives to the science and social studies curricula - was very narrowly defeated in a Republican primary.

New Police Commissioner Abandons NYPD Muslim Surveillance Program
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Louisiana Considers Holy Bible as State Book
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