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NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty presents a piece entitled "For Alito, the More Religion, the Better" for All Things Considered. Religion News Service reports on the pressure on President Bush to allow military service chaplains to pray sectarian prayers in their public role as chaplain, as their own religious beliefs dictate. In the American Prospect, Chris Mooney explains the newest anti-science tactics of religion-in-school-curriculum activists like the Kansas Board of Education: "Survival of the Flimsiest." In today's Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer argues that evolution should not be made the "enemy of God" in a piece on the Kansas Board's decision to redefine "science."
New Police Commissioner Abandons NYPD Muslim Surveillance Program
A new police commissioner in New York has brought new policies. William Bratton put an end to the Demographics Unit, an undercover surveillance operation controversial for targeting Muslim communities, including maintaining files on individual houses of worship. (The BJC and others last yea...
Louisiana Considers Holy Bible as State Book
Over the years writing this blog, I have seen several state and local governments memorialize the Ten Commandments through monuments, posters and other government displays. But a recent effort in Louisiana is a new (misguided) way to promote Scripture through government: legislators there are...