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11/26/2013 Judge rules clergy housing exemption unconstitutional, BJC's Walker disagrees
05/14/2013 After Student Complaints Muldrow (OK) Schools to Remove Ten Commandments
05/14/2013 Proposed bill would criminalize IRS targeting for religious views
03/22/2013 US Commission Holds Hearing on Recent Religious Liberty Rulings
03/27/2012 Distribution of Taxpayer Funds with Religious Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional
10/17/2011 9th Circuit declines to rehear Mt. Soledad cross case
12/23/2010 5th Circuit to Rehear Candy Cane Distribution Argument
12/16/2010 Religious Liberty Year in Review
02/02/2010 Oregon Couple Found Guilty in Faith-Healing Case
04/17/2009 Oklahoma Legislature Solves Non-Existent Problem
03/31/2009 Religious Freedom Commission "Disappointed" in Late Bush Administration Move
03/30/2009 David Hamilton Senate Confirmation Hearing Set
03/30/2009 Are Crosses and the Ten Commandments Meaningless When Government Uses Them?
03/29/2009 Texas Judge Throws Out "Under God" Challenge
03/27/2009 Texas Education Board Adopts "Mixed Messages" on Evolution
03/26/2009 Do Religions Have Rights?
03/26/2009 Texas Science Curriculum at Stake in Votes Today [UPDATED]
03/25/2009 Arizona Supreme Court Rules Voucher Programs Unconstitutional [UPDATED]
03/25/2009 Judge Rules Homeland Security Policy Amounts to Religious Discrimination
03/25/2009 Texas Education Board Trying Again to Soften Science Curriculum with Religious Concerns
03/24/2009 9th Circuit Supports Nevada School in Monitoring Graduation Speech
03/23/2009 Obama's "Outreach Toward Both Ends of the Religious Spectrum"
03/23/2009 Voucher Proponent Sees the Light
03/22/2009 Weekend Roundup: Blasphemy Laws, Newt's Still Upset, Ceremonial Hallucinogens, and More
03/20/2009 Ceremonial Deism
03/19/2009 Conservatives Misrepresent Prayer Decision to Oppose Hamilton's Appeals Court Nomination
03/19/2009 Lions and Tigers, Living Together!
03/18/2009 Obama Selects First Appeals Court Judge
03/17/2009 Baptist Joint Committee Opposes Proposed Bureau of Prisons Rule
03/17/2009 One Day Late, But...
03/16/2009 5th Circuit Affirms TX Moment of Silence Law [UPDATED}
03/16/2009 New York Ponders Religious School Conversion
03/15/2009 Air Force Investigates Commander for Sending "Inspirational" Link to Subordinates
03/14/2009 BJC Counsel Takes on Radio Talk-Show Host
03/13/2009 DC District Court Dismisses Inauguration Challenge
03/12/2009 Do 223 Years of Religious Freedom Principle Need an Update?
03/11/2009 Legal Battle Continues over Religious Student Groups, School Discrimination Policies
03/11/2009 Connecticut Changes Course, Withdraws Church Interference Legislation
03/10/2009 Senate Rejects DC Voucher Amendment to Budget
03/10/2009 10th Circuit Judges Question "Secularization" of Cross
03/09/2009 At Stake in Monument Decisions: A Hierarchy of Religions
03/09/2009 Church-State Arguments This Week
03/08/2009 Urging Clarity From the Court
03/06/2009 Are School Vouchers the Key to a Budget Vote in the Senate?
03/06/2009 Summum Fallout
03/05/2009 Baptist World Alliance Names Religious Freedom Division Head
03/05/2009 Pennsylvania's Bible Purchase Policy Under Scrutiny
03/04/2009 Proposed Minnesota Law Raises Religious Freedom Concerns
03/04/2009 DC Voucher Program De-Funded by House
03/03/2009 Iowa Teachers Oppose "Evolution Academic Freedom" Bill
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    Vouchers for private, religious schools - whether called "school choice" or "opportunity scholarships," implemented broadly or in select areas - amount to government support of religion. By funding pervasively religious institutions, vouchers promote religion and violate the consciences of those taxpayers who disagree with religious teachings of the schools. Vouchers are bad for the schools, too - by receiving government money they become slaves to government regulation rather than independent voices of religious principles and are open to excessive government entanglement with religion.

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