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Cherilyn Crowe Director of Communications 202-544-4226 x305 202-544-2094
Taryn Deaton Director of Development 202-544-4226 x307 202-544-2094
Jordan Edwards Communications Associate 202-544-4226 x304 202-544-2094
Nan Futrell Staff Counsel 202-544-4226 x303 202-544-2094
K. Hollyn Hollman General Counsel 202-544-4226 202-544-2094
Kathleen Lansing Administrator 202-544-4226 x306 202-544-2094
Danielle Tyler Development Associate 202-544-4226 x308
J. Brent Walker Executive Director 202-544-4226 202-544-2094
Charles Watson Jr. Education and Outreach Specialist 202-544-4226 x309 202-544-2094
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Groups Turning to State Law to Make Claims Against Use of "Under God"
Federal courts have consistently ruled constitutional the use of "Under God" in public school recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance. In 2010, for example, the 9th Circuit held that the phrase is not a prayer, but instead an acknowledgement of our "founders' political philos...
Louisiana Legislator Pulls State Book Bill
On second thought, Louisiana State Representative Thomas Carmody has decided to end his bid to make the Holy Bible the official state book, just ahead of a scheduled vote of the House yesterday. The Times-Picayune has more: The bill had become a distraction, he said. ... Initially, ...